Saturday, 1 May 2010

Imagine making money when people shop online !

There is an often over used phrase which is "...this one is going to be huge..." however in the case of My Shoppping Genie it couldn't be more true. Do you shop online? Millions of us do and My Shopping Genie can help you save money, find the best deals for you and earn you a potentially limitless income. Furthermore however, it's absolutely free! Yes, you can actually give away for free, a shopping tool which will help those who use it save money and get the best deals with just one click. Here's how it works.

Visit and watch the video, it tells you all about My Shopping Genie in just a couple of minutes, then simply click the round blue "get the free app" button on the right hand side, it couldn't be easier. With the Genie installed on your computer you will see that instead of rambling through hundreds of pages of search results, the Genie slices through all the clutter leaving you with just the best deals. With just one click, the Genie does all the searching and sorting for you and of course best of all it's free!

So, how do you make money giving away a shopping tool which is free? Well, sit back, open your mind and be prepared to be enlightened!!

Look at my site, watch the video and download your Genie and you will very soon realise it's power and simplicity. Then think of how many people shop online these days and imagine earning money when they do, using the Genie you can give them for works like this:

A unique online income stream that is available to distributors of the Genie is pay-per-click (PPC). PPC income is generated for you every time someone uses the FREE Genie you gave them to shop at many of the top shopping comparison and coupon sites on the web. This gives users of the Genie access to hundreds of millions of competitively priced products from hundreds of thousands of outlets and millions of online printable coupons. When they use the FREE Genie you gave them to click on the links to these products, coupons and offers, YOU GET PAID! There is no limit to the amount of PPC commission active distributors can earn each month.

Secondly, building a team of distributors who like you can give away for FREE a shopping tool which can save people time and money will make you fast and continuous cash. Personally sell two Genie Distribution Licences and you will earn you $100, infact you will earn this each and every time you sell two Genie Distribution Licences.

Thirdly, and this is perhaps the big will receive a 20% override on the pay-per-click income earned by your personally enrolled Distributors from their FREE Genie users. This point needs to sink in a bit me here's a kind of example.

Let's say you enroll a hairdresser or a ladies clothes retailler as a Distributor. Each time they see a client or sell to a customer, it would be very easy to give their customer a leaflet about the Genie, or just to tell them that they can doanload a FREE shopping tool which can help them save time and money, and take advantage of some fantastic deals. So, over the next few months and years, imagine how many FREE Genies this hairdresser or retailler could give away. Imagine how many FREE Genie users would be shopping online, earning the Distributor PPC commission and then imagine YOURSELF getting a 20% override bonus on it because YOU enrolled them!

Also, let's imagine that you yourself simply give away hundreds of FREE Genies to people you know, people you work with or perhaps people you don't know by simply putting leaflets through people's doors. You could be making huge amounts of PPC commission each and every month when these people use the FREE Genie you gave them ....PLUS the 20% override bonus on the PPC commission from the hundreds of FREE Genie users of let's say the hairdresser or retailler you enrolled.......are you getting the picture now?

This will be immense as months go by. Make money giving away a FREE shopping tool which will save people time and money and make money from enrolling others who also give away a FREE shopping tool which will help people save time and money :-)

The number of people who are shopping online is growing each and every day. Just imagine making money when they use the FREE shopping tool which you gave them and making money from the hundreds, indeed in time, thousands of people who use the FREE shopping tool which YOUR Distributors gave them....simply fantastic.

Don't just take my word for it though, have a look at the video, look at the clip from CNN News. MY Shopping Genie is already a fantastic business but is going to grow to be enormous.....get a slice of the cake for yourself !!

Take a look at my site, watch the video and download your Genie. Give me a call or send me an e-mail, as always I'm here to help you as your success is my success. Happy excited reading :-)

Friday, 30 April 2010

Does your savings account earn 1% per day ?

A quick question for you. Do your savings in the Bank or Building Society attract interest at 1% per day? I thought not, neither do mine! As we all know, Banks and Building Societies lend our money to others at a percentage above base rate and make money, as they also do by selling us credit cards, insurance and all the other things they do. However, the thanks we get for depositing our money with them is, well, a paltry couple of percent per year if we're lucky! I know there are ISA's and such like, but essentially interest rates are very low and the return on our savings is virtually negligable.

I however have a savings account which pays me 1% per day on the deposit balance I put in to it, and I see my 1% per day return, each and every day I log into my back office. Infact, in the short time I have had my account, I have seen my balance virtually quadruple. Beat that Building Society!

My account is with 7 Day Wealth which is also a business opportunity based on a three by ten matrix which provides a simple and easy way to earn commissions with which you can fund your account. Simply invite people to look at your website and introduce just three people. Then help them do the same and build a business and should you wish, you can use your commissions to fund your account. Remember, your savings attract simple interest at 1% per day accruing on the amount you have put in, so for example if you have put in say $700 you will see $7 per day accruing each and every day. When you have earned some commission by you or your team introducing some new people to the business, you might like to take some as an income and add let's say another $300 to your savings account, making it up to a total of $1,000. It will then start to immediately accrue interest at the rate of $10 per day being of course 1% of $1000. Simple, and infact brilliant!

How is this possible you might be thinking! Well 7DW have a wide range of investments which they manage on our behalf. They are making some good returns using a company called FX Nord for example and their business plan is to make profits using their range of investments and pay us 1% per day on our deposited balances, keeping back any surplus to ensure that they can maintain the 1% per day, should any investments not be as profitable as had been hoped. In don't know about you, but I'm quite happy with 1% per day so long may it continue!

The matrix business model has some fantastic bonusses and is itself a fantastic way in which to build a significant monthly income, but just imagine funding your account from your commissions until say the $5,000 level. It will then be earning interest at $50 per day! That's $1,500 a month in daily interest alone! Fantastic, and of course the commission potential for buidling your business is, well it's amazing!

So, take a look at my website and take a tour and start to think of whom you know who might like a savings account which pays interest at 1% per day. Quite a few I imagine! Incidentally, bear in mind that the website is available in 35 languages and I only have to look at some of the names on the leader board in my back office to see that this is a truly global business.

A quick thought to leave you with. I have some savings which are growing at 1% per day. Do you?

As ever, give me a call or send me an e-mail. I'm here to help. Happy reading :-)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

LGN Prosperity webinar schedule

I have made mention of LGN Prosperity, the fantastic business which pays you over £500 time and again and have mentioned the superb webinar training presentations which are there to help you, but it has been remiss of me not to tell you how you can access them! How silly! So, just to recap LGN for a moment, it really is very simple.

The business is based upon a simple two by four matrix business model; that is you introduce two people, help them if needed to do the same, and that's it! Your two, plus their two completes a "cycle" and you are paid $777 which is over £500. Goodness me, this is good. However, upon completing a cycle, you start another matrix at no cost so you can start again, however when your first two people complete their cycle and get paid their $777 they then follow you into your next matrix helping it to fill up quicker and therefore speeding up the timescale for you being paid another $777! Infact everyone you introduce, always follows you into your next matrix so the greater your effort, the faster you will make money. Cycle weekly and you will make over £25,000 a year. Work with your team and cycle two, three times a week, goodness me, cycle daily and you will make, well, I'll leave you to do the maths :-) Utterly brilliant.

So, to help you we have a great webinar presentation which is simply an online presentation of the business to which you can invite people to join in the comfort of their own homes. They simply register and watch. Everything is explained without the pressure of attending say for example, a presentation in a hotel as is often the case with business opportunities. Technology is great these days, and the webinar is a great resource to help us all. I've just registered for this evening's webinar, so here's what you need to do.

Visit This site has been created by a group who are very keen to build this business quickly and we can all use the webinar resource to help us. Scroll down to see the list of webinars, they take place at nine pm UK time incidentally, choose the day you wish to join the webinar and click on the link at the bottom. Simply add you name and e-mail details on the next page which come up and click enter. What happens then is you receive an e-mail from a chap called Bert Jukes confirming your registration, from which you join the webinar. It couldn't be easier.

So, at ten to nine, fire up your computer, and put the kettle on, get a pen and paper ready to write notes and just before nine click the link in your e-mail to join the webinar, sit back, watch and listen and get ready to be blown away! You may choose a glass of wine or a can of beer incidentally, but I'm a tea monkey myself lol !!! Seriously though, Bert and his team do a great job, the webinar is very informative and gives a full overview of how this brilliant business works. It really is a superb resource for us all to use, all you simply do is direct people to it and let the webinar do all the explaining for you.

So, to recap, what do you need? Well, first of all you will need to give people your own LGN Propserity link, so that they can join under you, mine is of course : Then give them the webinar link which is :

There you have it then. As always, I'm here to help, my success is your success, remember that so give me a call or e-mail me. Join a webinar presentation, let Bert take you through it then get involved and start talking to people. It is utterly brilliant.

Happy reading, and watching :-)

MyMoneyFish fantastic news!

I read an simply fantastic update on the MyMoneyFish site today which is just brilliant news. This is the remarkably simple business which costs just $9.95 per month and requires you merely to invite just ten people to join, to qualify for commission payments for ever and a day. It uses a straightforward 10 by 4 matrix business model, that is ten wide and four deep and if like me, you simply apply some persistence and determination and just plug away, working with those in your team, it will ultimately be paying you over $20,000 per month, each and every month. Wow. How quickly it does is up to you, but this news will help us all.

The update read that last week, the owners of MyMoneyFish met with the leaders of three other online business with a combined total membership of over 42,000 members and they came to an agreement that we were all to merge. This is brilliant news mainly due to the fact that these 42,000 people will be placed under the existing MyMoneyFish membership! Good grief what a boost! Brilliant news!

So, take a look at MyMoneyFish quick and get! It really is remarkable simple and remember that from a little acorn, the might oak grows. Plant your acorn today and start talking and e-mailling people :-)

Take a look at my site at and as always, give me a call or send me an e-mail if you need to. I'm here to help.

Happy reading :-)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Help for the not so young!

I was thumbing through a copy of Good Housekeeping today, as you do, whilst sat in the hospital waiting room waiting for my Dad who was having his post operation check up with the surgeon. An article caught my attention which was about Pensions, specifically the state pension which I read was £97.65 per week for the tax year 2010/2011. Essentially, it asked five women to keep a watchful eye on their spending over a week to see how they would fare, were they on a basic state pension. As you can imagine, it was none too pretty and they all agreed that it would be an enormous struggle.

One lady however stood out as she was honest enough to admit that, and I apologise but I can't remember the exact words, but the premise was that her family budget just didn't have enough spare capacity to fund a personal pension for her. She was 38, had two children and was training to be a book keeper, obviously preparing to make a living at it.

Therefore, my thoughts turned to the question which I think about all the time, "who might be interested in making some additional money?" The answer to the question is of course in these difficult times we live in, practically everyone. I have made mention of the difficulties faced by the under 25's in the posting entitled "Help for the young" and this posting is just the same really, but aimed at those a little older! Essentially, even if we have work, we tend to live to our means and a couple with two children and a dog, the obligatory people carrier and perhaps good salaries, probably spend all of it to maintain their lifestyle, leaving little to prepare for the future. There is the well used phrase "there is always too much month left at the end of the money" and for many people how true it is!

Involvement with a business like LGN Prosperity therefore can help ease the burden somewhat, it can help give people additional income to fund things like in the case of the lady I read about, a pension for example, or just get the car through it's next service and MOT. All it takes is an open mind, the desire to make a change and the application of a little persistence and determination. Success and achievement is both exciting and motivating too. When you see success it makes you realise that if you do what you did again, and again you will become even more successful and may even influence the amount of effort and focus you apply to your new found business venture.

Simple business structures, good support structures and open mind, persistence and determination can all add up to a more exciting future with less pressure and more time to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them. How exciting :-)

Take a look at these two straightforward options:

Happy reading :-) Remember I'm here to help, just send me an e-mail or give me a call.

Help for the young

I read an article in The Times today (April 21st) which was rather sad to say the least. It was about a young lad in the West Midlands who having studied for three years to gain an Information Technology qualification was struggling to find a job. He had applied for between 200 to 300 jobs and still couldn't find work. The article went on to say that in Birmingham 12.7% of the adult population is unemployed and youth unemployment in the city is running at 24.4%.

It has been known for a while that the under 25's are having a tough time, either finding work, or leaving University with a degree and the debt which goes with it and then struggling against tough competition to find a job. Then there is the matter of house prices, many young people simply can't get on the property ladder.

It then made me realise what a great opportunity businesses like LGN Prosperity are because LGN in particular is inexpensive to become involved with, it is indeed fantastic value and comes with a superb array of products, not to mention the excellent website, library of training webinars and support system. Furthermore, the business model is simplicity itself in that you simply invite people to look at your website, invite them to a webinar presentation and the "marketing" of the business is done for you. Invite two people to join, help them do the same and you will be paid over £500. Then just repeat this process remembering that each person who joins the business as a result of your invitation always follows you into your next matrix, thus helping it fill more quickly, paying you over £500 each time. It's not rocket science, it really is very straight forward.

I imagine therefore, young people having a break from job hunting for a day or so, speaking with their friends about LGN Prosperity. Inviting them to the webinar presentation, which they can watch in the comfort of their own home and starting to make some money. Even if it took three or four weeks to cycle and make £500, it would certainly ease the pressure of life and may indeed give them some new hope. I don't suggest for a moment that people should give up looking for a job, but applying a bit of persistence and determination to LGN Prosperity, almost as a break from job hunting for a while, could end up changing their lives.

Even if people choose to become involved with LGN Prosperity as a side line, the prospect that it could ease the pressure of life can only be attractive. It could help to pay off student debt or perhaps help towards saving for a deposit on a house. Persistence and determination are all that is required. A bit of focus and vision. Everything else is provided for you with a superb support system.

So, if anyone young is reading this (!) take a look at and give me a call. I'm here to help. My success is your success, remember that. Happy reading :-)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Discreet investment opportunity

I have thought carefully about whether to post regarding this investment as I am proud of my integrity and standards. The reason for this is that the club in which I am an investor has strict rules regarding advertising and this fact is simply due to a matter of law. Essentially, the club operates a hedge fund investment which is an unregulated area of investment and it is illegal to directly advertise hedge funds. However, I have no intention of mentioning the name of the club or it's website address, you will have to contact me directly for that, however I am quite comfortable describing an outline of the clubs activities as it will appeal to many, I am sure.

First of all, savings and deposits in Banks and Building Societies are just that. There is no investment element to a deposit with a Building Society. They use your money to lend to others and your return is whatever interest rate is being paid at the time. With the Bank of England base rate being so low at the moment, this return is all we all know, paltry. There is little, if infact no risk of course, but no real return.

"Investment" of course does carry some risk, however offers an opportunity for growth. The amount of risk you are prepared to accept has a direct affect on potential growth. Therefore provided you understand that no risk means little or no return and some risk means some potential growth, everyone is clear and happy.

One of the real contentious issues in Banking today is the issue of the Banker's bonus. Put aside for a moment who "owns" the Banks and understand that Bank have for years, traded our money, and their own and made enormous profits. One area in which they trade is the currency markets and it is a little known fact that each and every day, more currency is traded, than in a month in equities on the New York stock exchange for example. Literally millions are made by the Banks' Traders and their pay is a subject of much controversy, but they are highly specialised, frighteningly intelligent individuals who make their Banks millions in profits.

Were you a "high net worth" individual with say a spare million or two, the Banks would undertake this kind of investment for you too and the returns can be startling, as can their charges, however some time ago, groups formed to take advantage of this kind of trading through collective investment, that is giving mere mortals the opportunity of taking advantage of the opportunities available to the very wealthy by pooling of resources. This investment club is one such group and as an investor, I am benefitting from the kind of investment returns which otherwise wouldn't be available to me.

The three main aspects of club membership are:

1. Investment
2.Compounding of returns
3. Taxation

As regards investment, on behalf of the club, traders trade five main currencies in pairs, however using strict risk management to mitigate risk. One such aspect is "drawdown" which means that only a proportion of the fund is traded at any one time. It is infact a very small proportion of the fund which is in trade at any one time, which bearing in mind the returns the traders achieve is remarkable.

Growth is further achieved by the compounding of each month's return. Albert Einstein once said that compound interest was the eighth wonder of the world and applying compounding to modest monthly returns makes an enormous difference to growth over for example a year.

The third aspect of the club is that the fund is domiciled overseas and as such does not attract taxation, thus eating away growth. A major European Bank is used to handle the money and the combination of active, yet risk managed investment together with the compounding of the monthly returns yields superb returns over the long term. Investors will of course be obligated to inform the tax authorities when funds are repatriated to their country of domicile of course. No one is advocating tax evasion, however whilst the funds are growing for you, for however long you choose to invest for, they will be growing free of tax.

My investment with the club is modest, however the March 2010 return for the funds I invest in were 4.50% and 3.40% giving year to date returns for 2010 of 9.24% and 10.43% resepectively. The returns for 2009 and 2008 for these funds were 35.58% and 40.02% for one fund and 40.15% and 66.28% for the other. I am sure you can see therefore that despite the fact that there is an element of risk, the comparison with a Bank or Building Society deposit is startling.

Mimimum investment requirement are modest, the club membership charge is also modest and there is also an option to become an affiliate or re-seller should it be of interest. However, whether as an investment vehicle for our hard earned cash, or a business opportunity, club membership should be viewed as a long term concept, the thought process being that an element of Bank or Building Society deposits which one has no intention of using for a while, could well be put to good use for the long term.

Should you require further information regarding the club, please do not hesitate to contact me, however let me please reiterate my initial comments that I am proud of my standards and integrity. This is an unregulated area of investment, I am not in a position to make any recomendation. My role as I see it is merely to invite you to take a look at the benefits which membership of the club could offer you. I am however a very satisfied investor, happy with the bona fides of the club and will gladly discuss it with you upon request. The affiliate aspect is particularly attractive in the long term in particular.

Alternatively, you may request additional information from a third party link which is